Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jenson right on the Button

It just goes to show that dreams can come true and that truth can be stranger than fiction! Who would ever have thought that a team apparently on the way out of the sport would find themselves challenging for F1 glory never mind actually winning both championships. Jenson's superb drive in Brazil hopefully answered many of his critics. He might have screwed up in qualifying but his race overtaking was just sublime. I think the overtaking group may be heading in the right direction when they say that overtaking opportunities might be improved by tweaking the tracks. So, can we go back to Brands Hatch - please?

As to poor old Rubens - what does he have to do to finish well in Brazil? Pole to nowhere on Sunday after a puncture caused by a rash Hamilton move. No surprise there, then.

So, well done Jenson and Ross. Mr Brawn really is the man -having guided World Champions at Benetton, Ferrari and now Brawn. Let's hope Ross and Jenson settle the money question pretty soon now. Looks like being a special year next year if Ferrari and McLaren get their acts back together. Can't wait!

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