Thursday, 11 March 2010

F1 Testing Tease

So how much can we tell from pre-season testing? Last year the final two test sessions in Barcelona and Jerez gave a fair clue to the first race. Generally speaking, those at the top of the testing performed best in the race. Brawn, Toyota, Renault and Williams all performed well in testing and on race day in Melbourne. On the other hand, Ferrari and Sauber disappointed. If 2010 follows test form then we should be looking at Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull - but don't rule out Williams or Sauber. So take your pick! The true test will be Sunday's race in Bahrain. The ban on refuelling will mean that qualifying will show us which cars run quick on a low fuel load but only the race will tell us how good a car is over the full fuel range. Bring it on. I hate the off-season.

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