Thursday, 8 December 2011

2012 Olympic Ceremonies Great Value at £80m

How on earth can spending £80m on the Olympic ceremonies be justified when athletes are struggling to compete through lack of funding, and when our country itself is all but bankrupt? These should be the austerity games - a chance for us to lead the way and show that hosting the Olympics needn't cost the earth?

Besides, who would miss the ceremonies - certainly not the Athletes. The ceremonies are just TV spectaculars and therefore quite unneceesary. All that's really needed is to march the Teams in and round the stadium , play a bit of music and light the flame - job done. As to the closing ceremony , many of the athletes have already returned home - so it's not for their benefit. And who cares anyway? Once the 4 x 400m has finished it's all over. But doesn't it make military action in Libya look cheap at £212m

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