Tuesday, 16 June 2009

All bow to Valentino Rossi

That last bend move on Jorge Lorenzo in Catalunya was awesome - up there with the very best overtaking moves in motorsport. And after the race he was talking as if he had already thought about having to overtake in that way!

Now why can't they get F1 cars to overtake like that?

I know - it's all down to physics etc but it's a real pity. I suspect that the only reason there was more overtaking in F1 in the distant past was down to there being bigger differences in cars and driver ability. And there was a greater chance of a driver making an error. Bring back manual gear boxes and clutches.

Another Rossi was in the news last night - Giuseppe Rossi helped Italy to a 3-1 win over the USA scoring a cracking goal from outside the box. It must be something in the name - I don't know a bad Rossi. Quo's Francis Rossi has been a hero since the early 1970's and Rossi's ice cream since I was a kid!

Anyway, well done Il Dottore - we salute you!

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