Monday, 6 July 2009

The EBAY Postal Menace

The rise of the small Ebay business, whilst no doubt good for the entrepreneur, is a right pain in the ass for anyone who has to queue behind them in the post office. Traditional businesses will have proper arrangements for dealing with their post. They don't just turn up at the post office at lunchtime with a sack and then dominate the counter for the next quarter of an hour as they pull package after package from their bag. Each parcel having to be weighed and receipted - meanwhile a busy office worker looking to post a single letter during their short lunchtime is left fuming. I can see Ebay rage developing if this menace continues to grow.

Why can't the Post Office set aside a quieter time of day for these pests? Either that, or develop a faster weight and quantity based system. They could weigh all the parcels at once and come up with an average weight and price. Or simply charge by weight for the whole batch. Grrr... It can't be that hard.

Of course, I could just be developing into a grumpy old man.

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