Monday, 13 July 2009


It was great news to see Mark Webber win a grand prix at last. Some drivers just seem to be born unlucky - both Webber and Barichello seem to have suffered an excessive amount of bad luck through the years. But at least Rubens had the good fortune to be in a Ferrari! Anyway, Mark drove his socks off on Sunday and even made team mate Vettel seem ordinary. He could even afford time to take a slow run through the pit lane to wave at his engineers. Just think what he would have done if he hadn't gently nudged Barichello on the run down to turn one!

And then we have Rubens - talk about throwing your toys out of the pram. He really needs to learn to engage brain before mouth. I expect he is back home feeling pretty shamefaced today. As Ross Brawn pointed out, Rubens was only 11th fastest at best! Something makes me think this will be his last season in F1. Webber, on the other hand has probably bought himself a few more years courtsey of his drive. C'est la vie.

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