Sunday, 23 October 2011

A bad week for motorsport – RIP Marco Simoncelli

I was terribly saddened to turn on the TV to hear the awful news of Simoncelli’s tragic freak accident. Coming so soon after Dan Wheldon’s death it will no doubt set the anti-motorsport crowd off. So be it. I just hope things are kept in perspective. To my mind, road accidents in which families suffer tragedies through no fault of their own are far worse. I lost my own Mother, Aunt and Uncle in a car crash eleven years ago and it has not changed my views/enjoyment of motorsport. At least competitors in all motorsports know what they are doing and choose to put themselves in a position of risk.

Marco might not have had too many friends up and down the MotoGP pit lane but he certainly blew a breath of fresh air into the sport. Now, sadly, we will never know how good a rider he could have become. RIP Marco Simoncelli.

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