Friday, 21 October 2011

The Jury's out on DRS

As we near the end of the season it may be time to reflect on the introduction of DRS. So has it been the much heralded solution to the lack of overtaking in Formula One? Well, we’ve certainly had a season full of overtaking and many people will say with some justification that it has made overtaking too easy! But this year was always going to be difficult with DRS zones being set by guesswork. Now with plenty of statistics to go on it should be possible to set DRS zones far more accurately next season. That being the case perhaps we should only judge DRS after next year. Having said that, it would seem that there is quite a lot of interplay between KERS and DRS where one can sometimes be used to nullify the other. KERS is beginning to look like a defensive tool against DRS and perhaps DRS works best when combined with KERS. It’s certainly giving drivers something else to think about - and wasn’t it interesting to see Webber overtake Hamilton in Korea only to be instantly repassed.

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